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Unlock the Massive Potential of Short Term Rental Properties


We identify underperforming properties in key markets with room for growth and massive potential.


We secure these properties at an optimal price, then modernize and furnish them for peak appeal and performance.


Our expert STR team optimizes these properties for high occupancy and maximized profits.
About Me

We Provide Passive Income through Short-Term Rentals

Justin C. Mosley, a U.S. Navy Veteran, combines his rich experience in economics, finance, and real estate with a global perspective, honed from traveling to over 40 countries. Originating from Baltimore, Maryland, Justin found his calling in the vibrant market of South Florida after an honorable discharge from the U.S. Navy.

Justin C. Mosley

Founder & CEO


Years of Experience

Chief Operating Officer

About Caleb Bussell

Caleb Bussell joins Leicestermore Capital as Chief Operating Officer, armed with over 27 years of experience in the building and construction industry. His expertise in executing high-end residential projects and his exceptional leadership skills are central to our mission at Leicestermore Capital.

Caleb Bussell

Chief Operating Officer, Leicestermore Capital

Why Invest With Leicestermore Capital?

We Deliver More
Than Just Returns

  • Maximize
  • Opportunity
  • Personalized Returns
  • Excellence

Leverage our expertise to amplify your investment returns.


We unlock doors to financial freedom beyond traditional investment channels.

Personalized Returns

We offer tailored return plans to meet your unique financial goals.


We are dedicated to setting the gold standard in all we undertake.

Why Short Term Rentals?

Short Term rentals, otherwise referred to as “Airbnb”, represent the future of flexible living and travel.

Evergreen Investment:

Increasing demand for housing and a rising trend in digital nomadism create long-term opportunities.


Even in downturns, people seek affordable getaways, particularly in popular destinations like Florida.

Diversified Portfolio:

Invest across various geographical regions and market drivers, shielding against stock market volatility.

Stock Returns With Bond Risks

Short Term Rentals have the best Sharpe Ratio over the last 10 years compared to other real estate investments, which provides compelling, risk adjusted returns.

Minimal Legal or Debt Liability

Most investments are offered with non-recourse lending and structured as a LLC partnership, which provides protection from the legal and financial expense of active ownership.

True Passive Ownership

Enjoy the strong returns of real estate investing without the headaches and drama of being a landlord.

Our Investment Process

Secure Step-By-Step Investment Pathway

We seek to generate attractive risk adjusted returns for our investors across cycles and over the long term.
  • 01Acquisition
  • 02Underwriting
  • 03Contract
  • 04Due Diligence
  • 05Closing
  • 06Property Management

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How You Earn

Double-Digit Returns Made Simple


STRs gain value through effective cost management and revenue maximization.


Utilizing accounting techniques like depreciation, we help you offset your taxable income, thus reducing your overall tax liability.


As an investor, you'll earn through periodic cash distributions and from major capital events like loan refinances or property sales.


Operational and rental revenues pay down property debt, incrementally building equity for our investors.


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    Short term rental’s present a massive opportunity for wealth creation in a way you may not have considered. This unique branch of the real estate market combines the stability of property assets with the lucrative potential of a good business model

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