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Real Estate Syndication

Why Real Estate Syndication is Valuable to Investor ?

Real estate syndication is like a group investment for buying valuable properties that individual investors might not be able to afford on their own. At Leicestermore Capital, we make it easy for you to pool your investment with others, under professional management, to acquire high-yielding Short Term rental properties.

Our expertise in market research, property management, and operational efficiency amplifies the benefits, giving you a hassle-free way to diversify your portfolio and enjoy strong returns. Through syndication, you're not just investing in real estate; you're investing in a professionally managed, proven strategy designed to maximize profits and minimize risks.

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How You Earn

Generate Double Digit Returns


STRs gain value through effective cost management and revenue maximization.


Utilizing accounting techniques like depreciation, we help you offset your taxable income, thus reducing your overall tax liability.


As an investor, you'll earn through periodic cash distributions and from major capital events like loan refinances or property sales.


Operational and rental revenues pay down property debt, incrementally building equity for our investors.

Control Over Investments

Investors who engage in real estate syndication with Leicestermore enjoy the benefit of having greater control over their investments. They have the ability to evaluate multiple properties, choosing those that best align with their financial objectives.

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Key Benefits Of Syndication

Lower Barriers to Entry:

Syndication democratizes real estate investing by lowering the financial barriers, making it accessible to more people.

Enhanced Liquidity:

One of the advantages of syndication is the potential for improved liquidity, allowing investors more flexibility in managing their assets.

Tax Benefits:

Real estate syndication often comes with tax advantages like depreciation and mortgage interest deductions, which can enhance after-tax returns.

Leicestermore Capital Path

Our Investment Process:

1. Log Into the Investment Portal

With Syndication-Pro, our user-friendly online platform, all you need to do is log in to get started. Once you're in, you'll see a selection of hand-picked, high-performing short term rental properties. These properties have a proven track record of strong returns, making your investment a low-risk endeavor.

2. Pick Your Investment

We've already done the hard work of vetting and structuring the deals, and they're set up as LLC partnerships with non-recourse lending. This means you're protected legally and financially from the get-go. Just pick the deal that suits your investment goals best.

3. Sit Back and Relax

That's it! Once you've picked your investment, we take care of everything else. No need to worry about property management, tenant issues, or maintenance. We handle all the nitty-gritty details so you can simply watch your investment grow.

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