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Justin C. Mosley is a U.S. Navy Veteran turned real estate visionary. Raised in Baltimore and now deeply rooted in South Florida's dynamic market, Justin's international service experience adds a unique lens to his investment approach. Stationed in Japan on a Nuclear Carrier, he honed his work ethic and focus.

After the Navy, Justin earned a Business Economics degree from Florida Atlantic University and later a Master's in Economics and Finance from Loughborough University in the UK. These educational pursuits reflect his relentless determination and expertise in the field.

Justin founded Leicestermore Capital to channel his know-how into helping military veterans and other investors achieve financial freedom through smart real estate investments. With Justin's steadfast work ethic and academic rigor, Leicestermore Capital serves as a trusted guide on the path to financial stability.

Justin C. Mosley

Founder & CEO


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About Caleb Bussell

Caleb Bussell joins Leicestermore Capital as Chief Operating Officer, armed with over 28 years of experience in the building and construction industry. His expertise in executing high-end residential projects and his exceptional leadership skills are central to our mission at Leicestermore Capital. Caleb's career spans significant roles, including Project Manager at Webb Builders, LLC, where he was instrumental in constructing ultra-luxury residences in Florida, and Founder & CEO of Veea Building Company, LLC, specializing in high-end residential remodeling. His tenure as Construction Project Executive at The Southern Baptist Theological Seminary & Boyce College showcased his talent for strategic planning and efficiency enhancement. Caleb holds a Masters of Divinity from The Master’s Seminary and a Bachelor of Science in Kinesiology from California Polytechnic State University. His diverse background enriches his approach to leadership at Leicestermore Capital. Beyond work, Caleb is a family man, avid outdoorsman, and committed community member, demonstrating his well-rounded character. In his role as COO, Caleb's blend of strategic insight and operational expertise is invaluable to our growth and success in real estate investment. His commitment to excellence and effective team leadership aligns with our vision, promising a thriving future for Leicestermore Capital.

Caleb Bussell

Chief Operating Officer, Leicestermore Capital

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The Genesis

Leicestermore Capital was born in 2018 with a laser-focused vision on the potential of South Florida's real estate market. Starting off with small residential multi-family properties, the foundation for a real estate empire was laid.



Building Operational Efficiency

The year 2019 was all about refining processes. We tirelessly worked through the kinks in our operations to create a streamlined approach to property management and investment, all while adding more properties to our growing portfolio.


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Statewide Growth

By 2021, our gaze expanded beyond South Florida to encapsulate the entire Sunshine State. The aim was clear: growth. We deployed our refined operational models and began diversifying our holdings across Florida's most promising markets.


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Eyes on Expansion

In 2022, Leicestermore Capital broadened its horizons yet again, this time looking to other markets throughout Florida and the Gulf Coast. With a proven track record and a solid foundation, we knew it was time to bring our investment strategies to new regions.


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The Era of Syndication

Come 2023, we entered the realm of syndication. Leveraging our intimate knowledge of our core markets, we began packaging properties into syndicated offerings. These syndications are meticulously crafted to provide attractive risk-adjusted returns for our investors.


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Unbounded Growth

As we look to the future, the sky's the limit. Our commitment to excellence and relentless pursuit of optimal investment opportunities mean that Leicestermore Capital will continue to grow, serving our investors with the best the real estate market has to offer.

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